Welcome to Manahel’s knowledge platform. Across this site, you’ll find a range of resources from our work to support education in Northwest Syria.

Northwest Syria is one of the most challenging contexts for humanitarian work. And its people desperately need support, especially in the underfunded education sector.

After twelve years, the country is still experiencing the world’s largest refugee crisis. More than 5.4 million Syrians live as refugees in neighbouring countries and another 6.9 million people remain internally displaced. In February 2023, earthquakes struck the region impacting 6.2 million children across Syria and Turkey and causing further displacement.

Manahel has been working since 2018 to bring hope to future generations caught in the midst of these crises by providing education to primary school-aged children. It has benefitted over 600,000 children through school, home, and after-school education and by responding to children’s psychosocial and protection needs.